Spooky19 Results

The results are in!

All the votes have been counted and weighted. Before we get to the winners, we’re going to talk about how the votes were weighted.


When you selected your winners, you picked your first, second, and third favourite. These got turned into a points value, with first choice being 3 points, second being 2 and third being 1. These were then all added up to show each level’s full score.

This is the results of everyone’s first choice. Reign of the Spirit Tree got 3 votes, gaining 9 points. Liminality by papaya got 2, earning 6 points. The rest of the points were an even split with the remaining choices.

For the second choice, Spirit Tree and Ghost Galaxy both received 2 votes each, earning 4 points for each. Once again, every other level who was voted for in this section got an even split.

For third choice, it was dominated by Inner Darkness, followed once again by papaya’s Liminality.

Now that the voting process has been explained, let's get into the top 5 levels of Spooky19!

5th Place - Inner Darkness by iam12not3man

Overall, this level got 5 points with the majority of its votes coming from the 3rd choice, landing this dark and moody level a spot in the top 5!

4th Place - Zámek Latveria by matthewbny

This level also got 5 points overall, but the points came from higher up choices therefore earning this level its 4th place spot!

3rd Place - Spectre of the Swamp by aamid96

With 6 points, this level beat the competition by 1 point. 3rd place was very close, but this misty bog managed to swipe 3rd and get its designer 200 Atmos!

2nd Place - Liminality by papaya

A level with some… Controversial design choices (causing papaya to create a tutorial level for which he insists isn’t passive aggressive…)  manages to pick up 8 votes, earn 2nd place and grab papaya 400 Atmos!

1st Place - Reign of the Spirit Tree by ThatOneFox

With 14 points overall, this level manages to earn itself first place in this challenge, and 1000 Atmos for the designer!

Well, that’s all for Spooky19. Expect an announcement for the next design challenge this weekend, alongside a revival of a classic Atmosphir news show!

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