Community Update #2


Covid-19, New Design Challenge.


Hey all. Some news for you all. Due to Covid-19, the devs are currently unable to work on the game as 100% of their efforts need to go into keeping their families safe, housed and fed. Right now the game provides no income, so unfortunately no work can be done on the game until the financial insecurity due to Covid-19 ends. I know it’s not the news any of you want to hear.

Stay safe out there everyone, and stay indoors!


To keep the isolation boredom at bay, I think it’s time for a new design challenge, don’t you? This month it’s going to be “Arcade20”. This means you need to design your level in the style of an arcade game, balancing lives, score, and time limit. Do whatever you want with the theme!

There aren’t really any restrictions or set ideas you need to go for, just make something with a cool core gameplay mechanic and the top 3 will recieve atmos as a prize! Your levels will need to be finished by May 2nd, and contain the [Arcade20] tag in the title. Top place will recieve 2000 atmos, second 1000, and third 500. Only one entry per player please.

Thank you all for being patient and understanding. We are a barebones team right now so things are going very slow, but we are working on getting this ball rolling and hopefully after the whole Plague Inc. scenario ends, we’ll get back on track.

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