Community Update #1


Editorial Staff, Lore, and Game Progress.

Good morning Atmosphirians! Unfortunately this month there won’t be an episode of Jumpstart. I know you all love it and I apologise profusely, in fact you can take my crayon flower block collection as penance. Jumpstart will be back in early February, so keep posting mailbox questions in our discord server!


A lot of people have expressed interest in the Level Awards and Editorial Staff returning. This is something we do want to do, but in order to keep this a regular thing we need more of an influx of levels. We know the game is a bit stagnant right now, but new in-game content isn’t our top priority at the moment as when we update the engine, it’ll be much easier to add new content. 

Basically, we need more levels to review, and right now the only incentive for making good levels is the ability to gain XP status. Something we’ll look into is some new rewards for your level getting XP/LOTD status that gets people designing again, and this is a discussion that we want to have with the community. Please don’t be afraid to share ideas with us, after all this game is this community.

The Level of the Year contest is something that will definitely return, and congratulations to Papaya for winning this! Something that did come up is that the LOTY lost its respective design competition but won LOTY. This may be due to how votes are weighted in deign competitions, and this is something we need to investigate to make design competitions fairer.

If more levels get uploaded this year, the Editorial Staff will for sure be reinstated! For the first set of Editorial Staff, they will be picked by the staff team. Applications may open up after that if more ES are required.


As some of the more frequent users of our discord server may know, user Plainwrek has been writing some Atmosphir fanfic. I’m delighted to announce that he will be heading up a set of official Atmosphir short stories and lore tidbits, and will be involving the community with this! Expect some writing prompts to crop up sometime soon, and get ready to learn about Cirrus and its inhabitants.

Something that we have been considering also is the possibility of a “Story Mode” in Atmosphir 2. We love the free-flowing nature of the ‘story’ of the game as it is crafted by its players, but on the other hand we’d love to have some officially designed levels with a plotline that references community events and memes such as Cameron etc. This is a long way off though, so things may (and probably will) change as development continues.


I’m not going to beat around the bush, progress has slowed due to the Holiday period and us being a small team, but progress is still happening. Early this January we completed our investor pitch video that showcases the game to potential investors and delves into new features we want to add, some of which I’m going to share with you now.

Since Atmosphir is all about sharing experiences, we want to expand on that possibility. Atmosphir currently lets you create levels without any game design knowledge, and as the popular way to interact with games evolves from playing to viewing, we want to add the ability to livestream to Twitch, Mixer, or any other livestream service without the knowledge of setting all this up. We will have 3 types of people that interact with the game: the designers that create experiences for the players, the players that create experiences for the viewers, and the viewers who interact with the players to evolve their in-game experience.

In addition to in-client livestreaming, the multiplayer is something we want to expand on massively. Currently with only 3 modes it is somewhat limited, so we want to add more victory conditions and more multiplayer-centric design items. A big thing we’d like to do is create the ability to make battle royale maps and gamemodes, something that I personally think would be a ton of fun to create and design!

That’s all I have for you right now, the aforementioned Jumpstart Episode will be out in around 2 weeks time, and potentially another livestream during that week as well. For now though, Foxito out!

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