Welcome to Atmosphir!

Atmosphir is a 3d platformer game, but with a twist. All levels are user-created with our in-depth and easy to use design mode. Create single player, co-op, or competitive multiplayer levels, and share them with players around the world!

Create Your Own Levels

The built in design mode is very easy to use, but is extremely feature-rich. Want to build a giant treasure hunt level? There are tons and tons of props and treasures to hide in your level. Want to build a Mario Galaxy style space adventure? Choose from our gravity changing interactive blocks to create planetary adventures!

With 16 categories of blocks and props to choose from, the only limit is your imagination.

Customise Your Character

Beating certain levels will grant you Atmos, which you can then spend on outfits, weapons and more!

There are over 100 different items to kit your character out with, giving you the ability to choose how you look when you blow your enemies sky high with whatever weapon you choose, be it a rocket launcher, laser gun, or a cannon that shoots screaming skulls.

Choose From Thousands of Levels to Play

There are 2340 levels (and growing) to play, all with different themes and difficulty levels. If you have a favourite gameplay style, chances are someone has made a level to suit it (or if they haven’t, you’re able to create it yourself!).

Levels that award you with atmos are marked “XP”, and the very best levels uploaded are awarded the “LOTD” tag and the designer is awarded Atmos!